Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Asian Kitchen Cookbook Giveaway...We Have a Winner!!

And we have a winner!!  First, let me just say that I had a super fun time with this giveaway.  I absolutely loved being able to share something that I enjoy with you.  In fact, sharing makes me feel like I am enjoying something twice...so it's win-win right?  Definitely something I will try to impart to my children when I'm extolling the virtues of sharing their toys, hee.

Anyway, moving right along, I announced the giveaway here -- follow the link for all the details on The Asian Kitchen cookbook (along with my attempt at Char Kway Teow).  As I've said many, many times, I adore Asian food and Asian flavors so I was happy to try this cookbook.  And happier still to be able to spread the love to a lucky reader.  To sweeten the prize, the folks at Periplus decided to throw a lovely spice rack (picture here) in the pot.  I am already using mine...and soon one of you will likewise be enjoying yours.  So, without further gabbing on my part, the winner of this giveaway is...Mon B Sav!!

Mon, I'll be contacting you directly for your details soon!  Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the goodies!

As you can see in the photo here, I do write your names on scraps of paper and pick one out.  Yes, I know I should make my life easier and employ one of those online, random winner pickers but they are honestly beyond the scope of my comprehension and sophistication at this time.  Old school will have to do for now...and that's not too bad is it?

Also, yes, I know I have the worst penmanship in the universe.  The main reason I own a computer.

Since I had so much fun doing this giveaway, and since I am the type of girl that will do fun things over and over again (as all girls should!) you can look forward to more shenanigans of this this sort on the blog!  I can think of a lot of things I'd like to share with you all!  Do you think you'd like that too? :)

Wishing you all a great week!


monbsav said...

Yahoo! I'm thrilled and super excited to learn new recipes!

Vanessa said...

Yes to more shenanigans! I want this book, am so in need of help in the kitchen :)

ChichaJo said...

Yay!! Congratulations Mon!! :)

Hi Vanessa! Will have another giveaway soon! :)